Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Heads in our Freezer, but...

Partnerships often work because of differing strengths and weaknesses. I'm a planner. My husband often flys by the seat of his pants.

Sunday a.m. my plan was simple: a quick trip downtown to Urban Outfitters, then to the library, then home to that ham that's been languishing in the fridge that needed to cook for 4 hours.

But I'm flexible. Instead, we went and got coffee, Urban Outfitters...and hey! Let's pop into this furniture consignment store!
Oooh! Lookie there. Furniture that would work in our rather small 1939 front room. Hmm. Don't see that every day.

After much wandering around, and a $200 on-the-spot price reduction, we couldn't pass it up! The set has two chairs, though one is out of the picture here. And our color palette for this room now has direction now!
And carved at the top of each piece, a lady's head! I love them! Like each piece is a ship! Lady-head furniture!!

To describe someone who's creepy or off-center, we often suggest that they might have "heads in their freezer." We don't have heads in our freezers, but we do have them in the living room! Hee hee!
Plus, the price tag had this poem on it. How could I resist furniture that offered me poetry!

While it looks a little "dainty," it's actually quite substantial, and my broad-shouldered husband looks quite comfy on it. And don't worry, the plan is for a big cushy sectional upstairs in the TV room for big-shouldered stretchin' out and family movie-viewin'.

In case you don't remember the previous incarnation of the room with our former rag-tag pieces, it's here.

Miss Ginger is not pleased with it. She preferred the spacious Craigslist recliner she was allowed to slobber on.
Revised to do list: Coffee, Urban Outfitters, furniture store, frozen pizza!
Hooray for new furniture and flexibility in your scheduling!! :)


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