Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! Among the myriad things I'm thankful for, is the generosity of others! Especially the kind folks with green thumbs!

Thanks to Elisa for the tomatoes!
Thanks Brandy for the squash!
Thanks Mom for the blueberries! (Among the 60+ pounds she grew this past summer.)
Thanks Rich for more tomatoes!
Thanks Carolyn for the squash!
Thanks Jeannine for the concord grapes!
Thanks everyone! We appreciate your generosity! We hope your day was lovely and wonderful.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

OOOH, you know how to produce look good!
Every tho's of a career with Safeway as produce manager?

Anonymous said...

....among other things I am thankful for I am thankful for Amy and all that she does for me. Not too many daughters would hop on a plane and fly to Portland because their Mother is ill. Thank You! I Love You! Mom

amy said...

Aw, so nice! Thank you! Glad to be able to do it! I do think shooting food would work nicely with one of my dream careers...cookbook design!

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