Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, another Halloween has come and gone! This year we decided to be a pirate and pirate wench. Pirates works for us. My husband was in the Navy... and apparently most of my clothes qualify as "piratey."
Two pirates in a yella Mini Cooper is just plain funny, ain't no way around it.
This clever gourd was one of the decorations at the party we attended on Friday night. Hee hee!
I think I have a new favorite Halloween pic...
When shot next to an 80s rocker costume, my pirate suddenly becomes very rock-no-roll. I like it.
This was one of my favorite costumes... this fellow was an organ grinder's monkey... the costume is funny enough, but this guy's erratic cymbaling and giggling was PERFECT.
At Saturday night's party my pirate gave up his wig after a while. The gentleman he's with is wearing an actual carved-out punkin on his noggin. It made me claustrophobic just looking at it!
We did give out candy before we left on Saturday night... we got six kids. The neighbor boys (and two friends) and the little girl across the street (and her friend). Kind of a slow night, really.
I hope your holiday was spectacular!


Marie said...

OMG, LOVE YOUR COSTUMES!!! You two looked phenomenal. I'm very impressed!!! (and that pumpkin makes me feel claustrophobic, too!) And poor Miss G!!!

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