Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Snow of the Season!

When the frost is on the punkin...

This one's just left in the yard from Halloween, I didn't grow it or nuthin'.

But you knew that. 'Cause I'm not much of a green thumb.
Snow on the back fence, and on the grape vines!

We got a few more grapes than we did last year. They were tiny, pale green, seedless, sweet, and delicious.

Snow on the lavender in the front yard! Looks a little like cotton...

Wait. I'm sorta seeming like I know a couple things about a couple things that grow...

But I don't. I kill houseplants. They will drink when I want to water them, NOT when they want water.*

* Handy phrase, feel free to use as you see fit. As in, "I come to work when I want to, NOT when work wants me to."
And after the snow, a substantial freeze! Ice on the pavement.

My grandmother used to say that my generation better get used to eatin' pavement, the way we destroy farmland to build roads and subdivisions.

Snow's all gone now. But I suspect it will be back soon enough.


Marie said...

Lovely photos, Amy!

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