Monday, January 11, 2010

Opening Day Tour of the Renovation!

The capitol is open! The capitol is open!!

The capitol has been undergoing a major multimillion dollar renovation for as long as we've lived here...and it finally opened this weekend!
The rotunda! Such nice work.
Here I am resting in one of the side rooms, designed for political leisurating.

You'll note I'm wearing the fabulous magic scarf I received for my birthday from Chris & Sally & Ollie & Lou, which I love. If I'm wearing black, it looks black! If I'm wearing blue, it looks blue! If I'm wearing green, it looks green! It's MAGIC!! I LOVE IT!

We were not able to shake hands with the guv'enah. His office is fancy though.
Indulge me another ceiling photo... This one's in the senate... I think...
There were a ton of folk there, so we meandered out, the capitol behind us.
My husband, looking rather hoodlum-y.


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