Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Favorite Decapod Crustaceans!

On Sunday at the coast we planned a fun day of crab acquistion and consumption to complement our viewing of the day's award show. I love creating panoramic photos but they just don't translate well in blogdom. Click on pic for full effect. I spent a great deal of my childhood coming and going from one of those center slips... ah, the good old days.

But last weekend Dad and I just went down to the dock and bought some from the nice crabmen. This lovely maiden met us at their front door!

When we've captured the crab ourself, we always cooked crab in a big barrel in the yard at Uncle Arnie's beach house in Bay City.

This time we cooked them on stove. It was, mom and I agreed, a little more ghoulish.

And then, a quick bath in mom's unbelievably deep sink, which I covet.

Mmmm. I love you, decapod crustaceans! I love you, over-the-top awards shows!

Such a fun Sunday at the coast!


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