Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remodel: Project No. 8 of 483

The holidays are over and our lead project manager got a clean bill of health on his shoulder... so back to remodeling!

This house can't breathe. You could almost hear its relief when we removed the last wall that was hindering its airflow.

So, next up: bust out the dining room. You may have seen this room looking something like this. Yes, Miss Ginger is allowed to watch the Dog Show if she's completed all her chores. The arrow points to the "marked" wall.
Or you may have seen it looking like this, slightly more dining roomly.

So while I was a the coast, my sweet laborer busted out the wall!! It's great!! He then installed the frame that would allow us to install this pocket door. Here it is in the "open position."
But after some consideration, we decided one pocket door isn't as good as two exposed doors, where the breatheability of this house is considered.
So we took down his hard work to prepare for the new plan! Here's the new view from the kitchen sink!! SOOO much more open!!


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