Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dad's birthday. Happy birthday Dad! In honor of the occasion, a momentous event: I have received my first safety award.

For the bulk of my existence, Dad was an industrial electrician for BPA, so safety was a big deal. Even at home, "You kids put on ear protection before shooting that gun." Standing on a swivel chair? Hah!
It seemed like Dad brought home a never-ending stream of imprinted coffee mugs and logo-ed work jackets... "corporate" swag received as safety awards.

Flash-forward in time and space. Folks who have worked on this ridiculous project I'm on recently received a blue windbreaker with embroidered logo... Yep, my first safety award.

How long did we go without a safety infraction? 5 days? 200 hours? A million hours? I have no idea. Which president has bestowed this award? Again, no idea. And yet...Safety Award.

Can't you almost hear him beaming?

Plus, if I ever want to commute to Oregon and get a job pumping gas, I am soooo set.

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Marie said...

That is truly have no idea why the project won the award??? Makes quite a statement about the current state of the firm! Haha!

Anonymous said...

I keep looking to see if I made the list of honored birthday notices but alas....Mom

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