Monday, January 11, 2010

Break From School Goal No. 1: Library Card

Finally, after two and a half years of school, after being sidetracked into buying furniture, I have finally reached one of my goals.

I have acquired a Boise library card!

There hasn't been much time for leisure reading since we got here. I hope to put it to good use.

Here's me in the stacks. I worked at the UO Allied Arts & Architecture library for three years in college... I know the official terminology.
And will wonders never cease! My husband got himself a card too! And even checked out a book!!

Everyone knows boys don't read!

My card is the fancy goldfish one. My husband got the one featuring the Bard.

And, he checked out what seems to me like the quintessential man book, the Pulitzer prize winning, "Guns, Germs, and Steel."

Happy reading!


Marie said...

Cool library cards--SO much prettier than the Multnomah County ones.

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