Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mom's Polycatylism

This is Polly, one of mom's three cats, and one of the two that are sisters.

She's named Polly because she's polydactyl. Which makes it seem like she might be a winged dinosaur. But no, it just means she has extra toes.

Polydactylism is called a genetic mutation, but I think it's more of a genetic superiority. I think she does too, which is why she sometimes makes foreboding faces like this one.

We did not stack these crazy paws like this, she did it... with her crazy superkitty powers.

Look at all those toes wedged in there! Polydactyl cats are often call "mitten cats." Their spare digits make it look like they are wearing tiny kitty-cat mittens.

They are also sometimes called Hemingway cats. If you ever wanna visit mitten cat mecca, head on down to Ernest Hemingway's estate in Key West. Not only is the tour awesome, the place is crawling with mitten kittens.

This is Polly taking a nap in the afternoon. She's sleeping like this!! Again, we didn't place her giant paw there, she did. That thing's so big she uses it to block out daylight!
She also has super catbrows. I don't think there's a scientific term for catbrowdactylism. Yet.

Her poor sister Patience is normaldactyl, and must resort to feigning paralysis and dragging herself around the house with one paw just to get some attention.


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