Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two Doors!

So, now I had two doors to stain, instead of just the one. I'm always so thankful we have this basement work room for door staining, deer dismantling... whatever we need!
My friend Oprah helped out by holding the stain for me.
So while waiting for the new door frames to arrive, and the stainer to finish her work, "The Shoulder" did some demo in the hall. To remove the dreaded textured walls that were there before. After my doors were covered, I did some demo too.
I "demo" like a girl.
The texture was dated, but not the appropriate 1939 they should be.... and mostly gross. Don't you agree?
Even the smallest demo job puts a lovely sheen of sheetrock dust on EVERY SINGLE FLIPPIN' THING.
But the new walls go up pretty quickly. And nothing makes a new space feel real like new sheetrock.
Sigh.... (That was the house, not me. :)


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