Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Year Older!

Stacey always says, "if you want your birthday cake done right, order it yourself." Hee hee! My husband had to work on my birthday, so I picked up this wee mousse cake. It was exactly what I wanted.

Despite being very sick, my husband mustered dinner out at a local steak house, where we also got free birthday cake. It was delish, so saved this one for New Year's Day.

In addition to this singing pirate card, my husband got me a new HD Zune! Which was lucky...I had just broken my pink one. Miss G was not so keen on the singing card.

JEWELRY!! Mom got me these new pearls!
A while back, Mom found me this awesome boot cup. Well this year I got the wee boot shot glasses! So fancy!
Another new scarf from sister! This one is much thinner than the others I've received. I love the yarn because it is the colors of Fruity Pebbles.
I promptly wrapped it around Toot because it smelled like Auntie Poo's house.
And one of the best birthday gifts? Getting carded buying wine at Winco on January 4th. :)
Happy New Year!


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