Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Couples' Retreat!

Yay! My friend came to visit, my friend came to visit!! Hee hee! Stacey was able to find care for her brood, carve a weekend out of their busy schedules, and hop a quick flight over to Boise to visit us! So sweet! In honor, we dressed in the colors of the Chicken Ranch. No! Purely accidental. ;)
It didn't take long for us all to get into relaxin' mode. And there were LOTS of magazines for the Quiet Magazine Time. Including "National Geographic" and "Fly Rod and Reel" for the boys!
The girls went for a much-needed visit to an awesome spa, while the boys went explorin' and then battled each other at UFC on the XBox360, or some other such boy nonsense. I'm always pleased when a boy has to use my pink controller for such endeavors. :)
We took a taxi cab downtown for a couples' dinner out, where we cheers-ed our 32 years of friendship!
Then back home for more magazine time. These are the SparklePants Stacey treated Idaho with. Such fun!
Then a bit of sightseeing and up the hilltop for brunch. It rained cats and dogs on Saturday, which yielded snow at higher elevations! Such a fun little vacation weekend! Thanks for visitin', friends!


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