Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 7 Draws to an End! HALF WAY DONE

Wow! And with that, Week 7 is over. Week 7 iteration of paper turned in! Can you believe its the half-way mark? I even had the luxury of walking to work this a.m.! I live like a queen!
What we have been calling the "week off," should really be called "the week of reading." Now that I have gathered all these sources and written this framework, it turns out I have to actually peruse these materials. Yuck!

I've been able to mostly function on about 5 hours of sleep a night, and I've been working about 35 hours a week, but STILL. It's been a lot... Mostly I lose my train of thought a lot. And can't remember much of anything lately. But I have 80 pages completed! Whoo-hoo!
There was this one really low point, around 2 a.m., when I was lucky enough to find a leftover Taco Bell taco in the fridge. But didn't want to run the microwave and wake the rest of the family. So happened upon the genius idea to warm it slightly... on my desk lamp. Best part? Worked like a charm.
And guess what! While I was in Eugene, my sweet husband got the door glass replaced!! Yay!! We do have yardwork on the docket for this weekend... I'll keep you informed.


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