Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Weekend of Spring!

Well, we had one lovely weekend of spring. So we used it to do our twice-yearly yardwork. Turns out, even a heavily xeriscaped yard needs some attention. Bah! Tho my husband really does do lovely work.
He's also REALLY good at the most treacherous weed-eating and raking EVER.
And I've been meticulously attending to my rhubarb crop, caring for it, water, fertilizer. HAH! No! I love this rhubarb plant!! I do nothing and rewards me handsomely!!
Maybe if you people did yardwork more than once a year, you wouldn't have EIGHTEEN bags of debris.
My husband even hung our new sun shade up for a hot minute! Then took it down when the rain started.
You know I'm not a big fan of our feathered friends, but I did like this fellow. :)


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