Friday, May 7, 2010

The Hagg

So... last minute decision. Really, am I going to make much progress from 5 to 9 p.m. when my paper is due each week? Naw! Spellcheck that bad boy, submit it, and head off to the Merle Haggard concert, just 3 miles down the road! Tix were still available the day before the show! I think the Hagg looks better in black and white.
Likewise, these cute boys look better in sepia... dirt road color! Great people watching at this show. Instead of the usual urban professionals that usually populate the more mainstream shows (ok, us!), this crowd was primarily the old-school, saw-the-Hagg-in-the-seventies group, and hat-wearin' young men who looked like they just jumped off a horse or a tractor. Clearly, the gear of the evening was Carhartt.
Ooh... another cute boy in Carhartt. ;)
My two favorite sound bites of the evening were my husband watching a young couple walk by and muttering, "Yep... nuthin' says 'country' like a teenage girl with a chew in." Then after the Hagg whined some more about the cold, he started one of his songs, and about 15 seconds in he stopped the band and said, "Wait, can I do that again?" One of the drunk broads on the blanket behind us yelled "That's what SHE said!" Really, if you can't be juvenile at a Hagg concert, where can you?


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