Monday, May 31, 2010

It's All About the Shoes.

I make a concerted effort to keep content here to primarily activities at the Chicken Ranch, and by the inhabitants of the Chicken Ranch, but my dear male readers, if you will excuse me a minor foray into pop culture and fashion...

Can you imagine a more perfect shoe to wear to see Sex in the City 2...filmed in Morocco, set in Abu Dhabi??? You know, I couldn't either. :)
No working on my silly paper for the evening, a girls' night out, dinner and a movie, purple high heels...AND THEN, to get this fortune in my cookie? I'm pretty sure the cookie knew about the shoes. ;)

It was a hell of a day at sea, sir!


Marie said...

Oh my!! Those are great shoes! I'm planning to see SATC 2 on Friday with the wife of my recently-reconnected-with-cousin. What did you think?

Mom said...

You'll break your ankle!

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