Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Game!

So the final event on our conference agenda was attendance at the Spring Game at Autzen! It's just a scrimmage (green against white) but it was actually broadcast on ESPN this year!
We watched from suite...OK, from the president's suite! He even stopped by to chat up the chapter leaders, and even told me he had a great time when he came to Boise for the game last fall. Oh, the schmoooze. ;)
The band, the cheerleaders, the Duck... it was just like a real game... except without the opponent.
The halls to the suites are lined with the giant team shots from over the years. More than a few had been take by NSP, the small Beaverton sports photo company where my husband worked for years.
Through the course of the weekend I learned that the Arizona chapter leader (right) is the nephew of a guy I work with... and at the game learned that the fellow on the left is the guy I work with's older brother! I threatened blackmail with top secret information that could only have been dispensed by an older brother. Trepidation ensued.
SUCH a fun weekend break! Suite viewing really is the way to go. Go Ducks!


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