Friday, May 28, 2010

Fire, Baaaaaaaaaaad.

With my husband's federal employ comes the opportunity to return to something he really loves doing: wildland fire response. It was one of myriad reasons why he left his former awesome employer for his current awesome employer. So, while we'd hope there would be no wildland fires this summer, if there are, there's a great likelihood my husband will be called to leave his desk job and go serve as GIS support for a fire team. As such, he was issued new fire gear. This is a fire shelter? Mostly its a fire-resistant blanket. As my fireman says, "its to try to keep you alive, not comfortable."
Here's the tent and gloves he was issued. He didn't set it up, but I bet he's not as happy with it as he is with his Big Agnes tent. He loves Big Agnes.
Such fancy white leather gloves. Really? White? Seems silly to me. Course no one has asked to go fight fires, now, have they?
Why do they make firefighters dress like Ducks? Hee hee! More fire-resistant gear. I like the green fire-resistant Nomex pants...but I'm a bit suspicious of the yellow puffy shirt. And you'll agree, few people besides my sister can really rock yellow -- especially a soul-less daywalker. I mean redhead. At least it matches the hard hat. Go Ducks!
Hopefully you won't hear tales of some black widow in large sunglasses using her bad habits to start a forest fire, all accidental-like, just so she can have the remote all to herself. I kid! We went to the old-timey candy store here and I just HAD to get the candy schmigs...they are the greatest homage to American marketing EVER.


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