Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...AND Continues...

I never realize how much red and orange I have in my closet until hunting season. Hunting clothes are just not flattering.
From here dow I feel kinda soldier-y. I think it's the drawstrings at the hem of these pants to keep rattlers out.
I remembered sunglasses, gloves, bincoculars, camera, water, and a million other things. But neglected a band for my hair. With the big military trend going in fashion right now, I'm pretty sure you'll see this on the runway soon. You heard it here first.
We did a little target practice with my husband's gun! No. 1 is me (with about 2 minutes of setup). No. 2 is my husband with about 20 seconds of setup. No. 3 is my husband firing rapidly after No. 2 with very little setup. I braced it against my shoulder pretty tightly so it didn't bruise me, but nevertheless, it dang-near knocked me over!
Panorama of the expansive view. :)


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