Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hunting Continues...

In this year's hunting efforts, I have been focusing on "secreting" a deer... getting into their heads... willing them out of the woods... luring them with apples and cornbread muffins... So far my spiritual efforts have mostly been for naught, but hiking for miles with a cornbread muffin balanced on my palm (until I found the right offering spot) is an interesting exercise in focus.
If I was a deer, I'd totally hang out here.
The mighty hunter before just before a rather rough descent.
Tiny chipmunk! Since we have had no luck this season, in a fit of frustration, my husband muttered that we might "bring the .22 and start cappin' chipmunks." I said "Yeah! We could put them in the slow cooker in hot sauce!... Buffalo Chipmunks!" You heard it here first.
While maybe not conducive for hunting, the weather has been great for hiking!
I like fall camping. :)


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