Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Quarter!

We spent at least part of each of our five days just wandering around the Quarter... shopping... photographing... gawking... architecture you'd just never find in the northwest...

I LOVE these historic tile signs harkening back to the good ol' days... but I HATE that they chose to hyphenate "Lui-siana." I'm just like that.

My husband was good at noticing these symbols on buildings... they are the search symbols left over from the rescue efforts after the levees broke.
Other than the gator corndog I had for lunch one day, this was the only gator we spied... he was on display at the restaurant my sweet in-laws sent us to!

This funny man took us on a carriage tour of the quarter. And because it was raining, he gave us an extra 20 blocks. Mostly his "tour" tales were a lot of hooey, but it was super fun, and on a rainy Sunday night, he appreciated the fare.


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