Friday, October 8, 2010

Fire! Fireman! Fire Concert Ts!

My husband was off on his first fire of the season this past week...and his first one working for the "bureau"... here! It was demobilized a few days after he arrived because of unsafe conditions created by heavy rains and mud. The notion of "unsafe conditions" at a 44,000 acre forest fire base camp strikes me as kinda funny. Miss G was not pleased.
One of my favorite aspects of this strange wildland fire subculture is...the "fire T-shirt." Sometimes they are produced by people who do this year-round, who are organized, and design and produce these garments for large fires all over... Sometimes its just some lady under a pop-up rain tent sellin' t-shirts she made at Here's my latest fire t-shirt! For those of you who remember my long-time foot injury, oddly, it happened where the fire Beaver, Utah.
I think the "fire T-shirt" is perfectly American... simultaneously grotesque in its commercialization of a natural disaster, and also opportunistic in its make-a-buck approach. This one is kind of obvious, but practical... I guess this one isn't a "fire" shirt, and is more of a company shirt, but I like to include it in my tiny yet growing collection anyway.
This one really takes the cake for fire T-shirts. It's the "black 1987 Metallica concert" equivalent of a fire T... vultures... flames... red slurry... inclusion of aircraft... so over the top... I love it! I love my latest includion too, but it seems so reserved and sophisticated compared to this one! :) 2007...? 2007? Wait... how did we get so far away from 2007...???


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