Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend Hunting Trip No. 218

No, not that many. ;) I really do love fall camping! Hot coffee... the fire... the expedition-weight fleece... Having the right tools is the key.
I'm not a breakfast-first-thing sorta gal, so sometimes we wait for the sun to come up and have tailgate breakfast... OK, in a wine glass. It was clean and accessible! ;)
Of course, everyone gets camping breakfast!
We ran out of cornbread muffin offerings, so G and I placed a saltine offering at deer-height to see if we could lure them to camp.
Waiting for the mighty hunter to return from his afternoon hike hunt.
He returns! He returns!! Hooray! We are saved!
And then the mighty hunter and the fastest tongue in the west are reunited. And all is well again.


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