Saturday, April 21, 2012

Early Morning at the Docks

While so far south, we didn't actually make it to Southernmost Point, which is an important tourist stop on your visit to Key West, but we did decide to visit the Dry Tortugas! Which has to be more southern than Southernmost Point. So we were down at the docks before 7 a.m. to check in for our ferry ride!

And take pix. Later in the day we would return here and I would have my first raw clams. And they were delish.

I love being on the docks early in the morning. Reminds me of early morning boating/fishing/crabbing trips on the Oregon coast as a youngster.  

After we checked in at the ferry station we went over the Cuban Coffee Queen coffee truck. I love this pic.

And as is protocol, within about 10 minutes of being on the boat, I was out cold. When I woke, Dad was out surveying the situation.


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