Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In-laws' Spring Visit!

We interrupt our Key West adventures to repost on in-laws came to visit! Their trek to housesit over Easter and Art's birthday is becoming an annual event! Here we are watching my husband's softball practice scrimmage.

On Art's birthday, we decided to go hike in the snow!

Our team takes off toward Crooked River.

We obviously learned nothing from our hiking debaucle a few weeks ago.

Carolyn brought an Atlasquest adventure, but there was too much snow to try to get to it.

At one point in our adventure, my husband and mother-in-law decided to scale this hillside. The birthday boy and I decided it was better to survey this side-trip from the safety of flat land.

I really love my hiking boots. More than I've ever loved any previous incarnations of hiking boots.

I think I'm standing downhill. I'm not really that short.


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