Friday, April 13, 2012

Other Lodging: Wolfgang's Digs

As planning for our trip was a little late in the game, and was unfortunately during spring break, I had to do some creative lodging. So we had to move from our Inn to a private condo. Click to enlarge.
The proprietor was named Wolfgang, and my email interactions with him and his wife were hilarious and lovely. Here's the view from their front deck...

Which was just under a block from Duval Street! So convenient!

Wolfgang fancies himself quite the artist. Dad and I both liked this one a lot.

And you know I likes me some chicken art.

And the deck had the most lovely chairs for sitting and drinking coffee. Which I could do for like 5 years. Sit. And drink coffee. Ok. Maybe eat some toast too.

We enjoyed popping in to the Rum Bar during cocktail hour. 200 kinds of rum, nine barstools.

I just wanted a simple, low-grade, synthetic tasting pina colada, but the bar folk convinced me we needed "pain killers." I'm not sure what Dad was saying here, but I can guarantee it was HILARIOUS. Hee!


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