Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hemingway Bar

The aforementioned Sloppy Joe's. Full of all sorts of history. 

Dad taking in the Sloppy Joe's.

Coconut rum at Sloppy Joe's. I told you I dig synthetic coconut.

The floor at Sloppy Joe's. No, neither of us even came close to hitting it... But I liked the pattern and the age of it.
This is Captain Tony's Saloon, and the the location of the original Sloppy Joe's. There's some tale about the landlord raising the rent and Hemingway and his drinking comrades picking up their chairs and moving to what is now known as Sloppy Joe's. I like Captain Tony's far less. Tho Tony is the Captain referenced in Jimmy's song "The Captain and the Kid." And the waitress was hilarous. She was maybe late sixties? She yelled "If you need anything, holler 'MOM!'. You'll remember it and I'll hear it." Hahahahah


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