Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reef & 'Ritas Cruise

Our first big activity? An afternoon "Reef and 'Ritas" catamaran snorkeling trip. Yep. Booze cruise.

Despite the windiness, the choppy water, the mediocre underwater visibility, and the number of folks aboard, the booze cruise was really fun, and we each easily got our $37 worth. Heck, I love being on a boat. I would have paid $37 without the fins and the bad margaritas. We both brought our own masks and snorkels of course.

I knew they were still making too-tan surfer dude snorkel instructors, but didn't know they still made those weird glass jugs of wine. Nor why you would bring them on a boat.

We shared a table with this nice family. The little girl in the front explained to me that "Mommy married Mike because he's not a drunk. It's OK to have a beer or two on vacation, but you shouldn't drink all day my daddy does." I was going to explain the adage that "You can't drink all day if you don't start first thing in the morning." But I figured someone would eventually explain that to her upon her return to Georgia.

Yay for catamaran adventures!


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