Friday, April 13, 2012

Shipwreck Museum

OK...where were we? Oh yes. In the heart of Key West. I remember it well. Next up: the Shipwreck Museum. Initially we were met by character actors in goofy old school costumes, but thankfully there were children on our tour, so we could all play along. Mostly I suspected it was going to be silly, but in the end thought they did a nice job. Here's Dad lifting a genuine silver bar. It's trapped in wood, of course, so you don't run off with it.

You should all feel lucky we didn't call you and make you look us up on the Key West cams. Here's us together at the top of the tower above the museum.

We could see almost the entire Key from the tower.

Welcome Spring Breakers? Well neither of us is in school currently, but we would accept this offer later in our vacation.

We could see both what I think are Sunset Key (left) and Christmas Tree Key (right). The latter has free mooring. I've made a note of it.

After the museum I was talking on the phone with my husband about the Cuban restaurant we had visited when we were here...10 years ago? While on the phone with him, I stumbled on said cuban restaurant! We just had to stop for sangria, ceviche, and other assorted cuban apps. Delish.

If only.


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