Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hemingway House

I'm tellin' ya, gatos everywhere. And they are simply crawling around the Hemingway House. So many folks asked if it was real. Seriously?

The Hemingway wall of wives. Hadley, the Paris years. Pauline, the Key West years. Martha, the Cuba years. And Mary, the Idaho years. Ernest is in the middle.

Pauline's pool. It had to do with Ernest's indiscretions with Martha, and cost more than double the cost of the house.

You know I loves me a chandelier.

This is the lighthouse by which Mr. Hemingway would navigate his way home after a late night. This was before the Navy dredged and built up the shoreline significantly. Thus, the lighthouse used to be on the coast, not in the center of the island.  

Olivia de Havilland, of course.

Damned ill-behaved gatos.
The writing studio. Accessible by catwalk from the main house. Its what I envision at the Chicken Ranch.


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