Monday, December 23, 2013


Even at the tender age of 44, he can barely wait to open gifts. Woman. What. Are. You. Doing.
Among other assorted gifts my husband received these elk pants. And if you look closely, just beneath them you can see the red good pants he also received. I like this pix because he appears to be wearing them, but isn't really.
He also got these awesome copper cups for Moscow mules and other chilly drinks. Just moments before opening this gift he had been nagging me that he wanted some of them, pointing them out in a magazine. Mwahahaha! I am so clever! Hahah!
Then over to Porterville for a festive combined birthday celebration with Mike, another Sagittarius, for gifts, clam chowder, and Sunday night football!
We were also treated to a concert by the best trumpetest around. She's getting quite good.
My husband even participated in a staged stomping in the room, as she'd learned the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars. Hahah!
Then, the German chocolate cake! YAY!
Ruby thinks she's a lap dog. Such fun!


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