Saturday, December 21, 2013

Off to Portland!

So off to Portland last month. Regretfully, for a funeral, but I always welcome a chance to see my peeps. Here's where I parted ways with my sweet Cooper, which safely delivered me to the airport just minutes before my flight, thanks to my inability to be awoken by my cell phone alarm. I forget how many times Jon actually slugs me and alerts me to the buzzer.
As it was a last-minute flight, I had to fly through Oakland. The Oakland to Portland flight was QUITE empty, which was just lovely. Like the old days, flying to Connecticut to see sister when i was what...23? That Minneapolis to Connecticut flight was always sparsely populated.
Makeup. That is all. Makeup. And good makeup. In a vending machine. BENEFIT.  YES.
I'm not a fan of landing over water, or near water. That is all.
I am a fan of dining with my peeps!

ALL of my peeps!
After delicious and lovely dinner (thanks Dad!) we headed back to sister's house for the eve! Thanks for the fun evening, family! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Amy's Birthday, and Happy Dad's Birthday! Yay!


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