Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Boil Day!

So back to the Pacific Northwest for Thanksgiving with the parents. This was the book that we found on the nightstand in our room. Uh-huh. 
And Dad came up for dinner and evening! The menfolk! So fun!
And he brought us some smoked salmon. And trout too, I think. Mmmm. Amazing as usual
We had snicky-snacks and jibber-jabbered all afternoon, perusing travel maps and walking in the sunshine. Not slaving over a stove for 8 hours.
Because...instead of traditional fare, we did a low country boil, a pile of seafood and veggies and sausage and awesomeness that you boil all together and throw on the table, basically with lemons and a whole tin of   and eat. with your hands. SO good. My recipe takes parts from the Low Country Boil recipe and parts from the Frogmore Stew recipe. Corn!
Baby taters!
My handsome sous chef, in charge of garlic bread! Yessss!
I love love love my in-laws new house, but as Stacey says, it's mostly a one-butt kitchen.


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