Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Deer Hunter Returns

The deer hunter and his peeps returned! With dead things!
This is a pretty big ice chest, but it's still shocking what comes back from processing. Still very happy about what comes back.
His new rack, plus a couple of sheds. I had hoped to introduce you to my new sink in another way, dear internets. But here it is, my new gorgeous white porcelain kitchen sink! My sweet husband found it for me at a home repair thrift store, $25. Yay!
The next day, yes, boiling heads. Gross.
Thankfully he had the (enforced) sense to destroy his own pot, not one of mine.

It was a bit brisk out, enough to generate steam...
...but warm enough that one didn't need a coat. To sit outside. In the sun.
Coats back were required after a bit.
These are a bit out of order, but here's the mighty hunter back from his long drive, and soon snoozing on our tiny couch. Welcome back!


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