Monday, December 23, 2013

It Really is a Wonderful Life.

Christmas at the Chicken Ranch! Small, but appropriate to our dainty living room. This reminds me I need to post more pix from the leather-sectional man room.
And, what has become a tradition in the Norred Family...the Christmas tumbleweed. Which I picked up while climbing Camelsback.
And I adorn it with these glass teardrop ornaments which I love love LOVE.
What else is going on this holiday season? This Wonderful Life at Boise Contemporary Theater! They decorated the place like the movie. So sweet.
Oooh! Bad ol' Potter.
They did a really nice job with the signage and decor. :)
This is us in our bright scarves and colorful woolen winter coats, standing on George's bridge...
But its much better in black and white. :) "Dear George, remember no (wo)man is a failure who has friends." Amen to that. 


Sara said...

You gals look too happy to be standing on that bridge.

amy said...

Hahah! Good point

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