Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Party!

My company moved our holiday party to early November, for reasons you don't want to hear about. Trust me. Three hours before the event my husband returned from 2 weeks of hunting in Montana, and was smelly and hairy and crusty. When I asked if he'd want to go, his blunt answer was "&#*$ no." Luckily, my sweet friend Shelby was on standby to be my date, in her swanky purple dress.
I brought out the fancy Nordstrom rhinestone shoe clips my mom snagged from her thrift store for me. They don't come out often, but I love them so.
Fur coats. Nuff said. It was a murder mystery theme with an "old Hollywood glam" theme. YES.
My and my lovely twin. Some folks see it, some don't. Those who do often ask, "Are you too sisters?" Often.
When I invited my date, I outlined the features of the event, including among other things, a prime rib buffet and door prizes and whatnot. Shelby said, "you had me at photobooth."
Some of us had fun with some of the murder mystery decor. And the candy cigarettes passed out by the cigarette girl.
I do love a good next-morning rock-and-roll vignette, as you may know.


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