Monday, December 23, 2013

Shrimp and Crab and Glitter and Rainbows

We put down the butcher paper and these two thought it was time to draw hand turkeys. Hmph.
See that pile of corn and tatoes and crab and shrimp and sausages and glitter and rainbows and awesomeness? YES. THAT. Mmm.
Hey ladies!
And after our glorious day of leisure and dilly-dallying and fun, and then, after about 45 minutes of cooking, we cleaned up in about 5 minutes. SO FUN!
Oh I do love that grin!
Then some Cards Against Humanity. You know, "The card game for horrible people." That's us.
The next day, off to the Goble Tavern for Thanksgiving lunch with Sister and Mike! Such a fun weekend in the Northwest! Thanks family!


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