Sunday, December 22, 2013

Farewell to the Old Guard

Last year I spent Veteran's Day with 3 of my fave vets. To my immediate right is my grandfather, a World War II vet. My mom decided to differentiate from my other grandfather (whom we all called Gramps) we would call this one Oompa, which we were told was dutch for grandfather, tho I can't find anything on the interwebs to substantiate this.
He passed away a few days before Veteran's Day this year, after 87 years. He'd buried four women, 2 of them wives, and said he lived about 4 years longer than he wanted to. Every time I would visit and ask how he was, he would predictably say, "STILL ALIVE. WISH I WASN'T. WON'T KILL MYSELF. DON'T BELIEVE IN IT. STILL, NOT HAPPY." Heh. Here's him in the Navy. He lied about his age to get in -- he was 16.
Here we are at his second wedding, a small backyard function. I love this pic, tho I'd forgotten how little Sister and I were when our Grandmother died. I am pleased I do have memories of her, despite being so young. Check out Dad's bad-ass turtleneck, and DAMN! Mom was such a hottie! There are 10 years between Dad and Uncle Pat, and 13 years between he and I. He looks like he just got off tour with Zeppelin here. They say to tell your hairdresser to never go lighter than your hair has ever been. Oh to get that shade back.
So. Bad. Ass. Seriously. What is this, Goodfellahs?
After the service a bunch of us went to The Ship Tavern in Multnomah Village, where my grandfather used to hang out back in the day. It was a fun event.
An old school laminated table in the tavern, encrusted with bottle caps from the old brands.
Uncle Pat and Sister perusing said slab table.

A smallish group, but it was gracious of folks to come cheers the old man.
Leftovers from an era gone by.
Dad and Sister and U.P. and I were hoping to have a Blitz, but it was not to be, so we cheered with a Henry's. Which is NOT the same thing. I love the image of the old man arriving in heaven, met by four arms-crossed, toe-tapping white-haired women. :)


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