Friday, June 18, 2010

"Well, We Need the Water."

Howdy! Sorry for the lapse in postings. End o' grad school chaos.

Like most of Pacific Northwest, summer...or really, for that matter, spring, has not yet hit us.

I'm down with spring showers, but puh-leeze! One minute we have intense clouds. Cool, I can deal with that....
What the...? It's like 2 o'clock in the afternoon here! Or is it the coming of the apocalypse?? An email about the sighting of a funnel cloud and tornado warnings followed!!
MUD PUDDLES? It's the high desert, people!!!?! this my front yard, or the Tillamook rainforest?

If it keeps it up, our few areas of grass might get as tall as a wiener dog (our measure for most things... your baby weighs 2o pounds? That's two wiener dogs!!).
Ok, I'll relent. The rain did feed these lovely creations. :) The thing I'm noticing about native Idahoans is that while discussing the rain, they usually end with "Well...we do need the water." I'm working on that...


Mom said...

So what's wrong with the Tillamook rain forest?

amy said...

Ain't nothing wrong with it! I personally love it! I just didn't expect to find it's dewy 2800 feet elevation! Hee hee! :)

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