Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camping with Wiener Dogs

Camping with Wiener Dogs. A terrible band name, but a great title for a novel, eh? New family tradition! On the way to camping we stop at Subway and throw two foot-long samiches in the cooler. A foot-long for my husband, a 6-inch for me, and G gets to split the other 6-incher for dinner and then for breakfast the next day. She's 16! Let her have a samich for heaven's sake! No pickles, please.

Washed down with a little river water! She's wearing her Snuggie because the bugs were something fierce and I didn't want to spray DEET directly on her, given her kind's bathing habits. So I sprayed the Snuggie.
All the fashionable wiener dogs are going with one-shouldered frocks this award season.
The next morning she was wearing her winter fleece and wrapped in a blanket when she tried to get out of the lawn chair. And fell face first in the dirt by the fire. Poor dirty wiener dog.
I don't know why she pretends to rest, she spends the whole time on point, looking for her boy to return. Is that him?
What about that...? Was that him???
I'm sure this is him returning to camp...sure of it...


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