Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In-laws: Reservoir Fun!

My in-laws came to Boise last week on a house-sitting and dog-sitting errand! They were here for about 10 days, and we were able to pack all sorts of good times into their visit...despite it being about 95 degrees everyday! How to cool off in that? A trip to the reservoir for a picnic and swimming!!
My husband (right) and mother-in-law (left) and I were into the water in a matter of minutes!
Art is more of a "man of leisure." :)
That morning my husband had found another gem on Craigslist -- this inflatable kayak! So we took it with us to try it out. I was able to muster getting myself from the water, back into the kayak! This was no easy feat for someone who has been typing 16 hours a day for the past four months. I feel like a Tyrannasaurus Rex with tiny, relatively unusable forearms...
Guest photography by my husband! Love the spray of water off my toe that he captured just as I was about to go under. Someone else got a new camera recently too! Our family is currently camera-rich!
I spent about a half and hour trying to surf in the inflatable kayak, which was nearly impossible, given its shape. Here I have successfully jumped from the vessel, landed, come up for air, and still have my hat and glasses! Whoo-hoo!
My very resourceful father-in-law forgot watershoes, but somehow he had the universe send him protection from the sharp rocks. Seems like some good karma to me.


Aisha said...

Okay, I've seen a few pix taken out there at your reservoir and here's what I want to know: do you always get that place all to your ownsomes??? LUCKY!

amy said...

If you look closely, you will see riff-raff on the other side of the water...but yes, we do drive ALL THE WAY around to the other side...past the dam...past the last boat dock...past where most other folks are...that's just how we are. :)

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