Thursday, August 26, 2010

Off to Eugene for Graduation!

So...all that hard about a little celebration! AND and opportunity to meet my peeps and instructors from this all-online program. It's settled, then! Off to Eugene to walk in the summer graduation ceremonies! However, my husband could not wait for Eugene to bestow this graduation gift. Hee hee! Green and yellow! He said its like a class ring...only much bigger. ;) I LOVE it!
Once in Eugene, we picked up regalia and made our way to the big house on the hill. At the bookstore counter I told the young man I needed regalia. He said, "Faculty?" COME ON MAN! Education knows no age!! ;) It seriously took Mom and Dad and I 20 minutes to figure out how to don the academic hood. We should have checked out the instructional video on Youtube like he suggested.
Mom's funniest slippers ever!
The great backyard! Not sure if these guys were playing Simon Says without me or what...
Sister and Carolyn had fun musing on toasts for the evening's soiree.
And then we were off to the ceremony!


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