Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zooming Around in Golf Carts

OK...let's see, been playing catch-up for the past 6 let's see..where was I? Oh yes! A while back I was at the CH golf tournament! It was hot hot hot, so we got carts this year! Carts are the BEST!
Brandy and Larry the repro guy rounded out our foursome.
We all offered multiple contributions to the best-ball scramble, but my husband offered the most to our scorecard. He's a really good golfer.
Brandy had the tournament record on "ladies long drive"...for a little while anyway...
My husband had the tournament record for "closest to the hole"...for a while anyway...

I get the award for "best editing on a golf course." Closet? What the hell is closet to the pin?
Zooming around in carts is the best ever. I wish to be driven around in a golf cart by my husband everywhere we go.

We also spied golfer... Naw! That's Coach Jeb again, amusing us with his antics. Our foursome was not a contenter in the competition, but we had a good ol' time on the course. :)


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