Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heads...and Tails...

While catch-and-release trout fishing is more PC, and my husband does that most of the time, we wanted ourselves some Idaho trouts! So we brought them home for a fish feast! Trouts top and bottom, whitefish in the middle.
Heads. The whitefish has a weird tiny little suckery mouth. They have a bad rep because they eat trout eggs.
Tails. So sparkly, really. Who can look at this and not think of Daryl Hannah.
Prepping the feast. Local trouts, tatoes, and wine, followed by local huckleberries. Mmm.

Even though we have the GIANT, takes two-hands-to-lift-it cast iron pan (another 10-year-old wedding gift...from Mom! Best part: It came pre-seasoned! whoo-whoo!!) we un-headed them so they would fit in the pan. Plus, no one likes eyes on their plate. Thanks for dinner, my husband!


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