Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inlaws: 'Splorin' and Trout-huntin'

Well, there isn't a weekend in a summer month when my husband doesn't wanna get in his truck and go 'sploring. So we were off! We had an ice chest full o' Gatorade and sandwiches before the sun was gettin' serious!
As soon as I shot this one, I knew it would be the best of my day's shooting efforts. I love the weird effect on the water, likely resulting from this pic being shot from the window of a moving truck. ;)
OK, I don't know these people, but they were on the river, and I shot this from the same distance as the above pic was taken. And soon I will be starting my part-time P.I. career...
Dirt roads and trees as far as the eye could see...
Speaking of spying, everywhere we went, this red truck was following us!! Hee hee! We took two trucks so everyone was comfortable.
And we outlasted the sun... and didn't get home until after midnight! Phew!!


Marie said...

Your new camera is fantastic!

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