Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And Just Like That, Our Visitors Were Gone...

Always so nice to see Sweet Sister. We didn't even have any pix of our fun at the Shakespeare Festival. Such fun all around.

She and Mike graciously treated us to our fave steakhouse. Such fun! Don't we all look like real grown-ups? ;)
Yep. We played the Birthday Card. 39 only comes around once...  best get a free dessert from it. Last year of her thirties! Can you imagine!
Four ingredients: whipped cream; coffee ice cream; oreos, and butter. I can get behind that.  

I made our guests participate in an e-scavenger hunt on their first drive over. Among the things they had to produce (partially on Sister's new SmartPhone): a pic of a mini-mart refreshment, text of the official name of  a rest stop, a text when they realized they were in Mountain Time, a pic from a scenic roadside stop (here), and a vending machine temporary tattoo. SUCCESS!

And then, they hopped in their fat ride and were gone. Too fast! So long summer guests! So nice to see ya! xoxo


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