Sunday, August 26, 2012


OK, yeah, those facilities too, but mostly I mean ALL the facilities.

Here's where fire camp folk sleep. Except my husband, who sleeps in BigGreen. It's a little bit smoky up there.

This is the shower trailer. Girls on the right, boys on the left. Toothbrushing station in the middle.

This is the dining tent. Not bad ambiance, considering yer eating in a tent. They have three people cooking, and their contract says they must be able to feed 3 people a minute. Each morning they prepare 1800 eggs, 2400 lbs of bacon, and 3400 pounds of hashbrowns.

This is the supply area. It requires a lot of supplies to house 600 folks.

My husband loves stuff like this.


Marie said...

Fascinating photos--I love to see how the firefighters live while battling the flames. And are you being a mite sarcastic when you say "My husband loves stuff like this?" or are you being totally serious? :)

amy said...

Thanks Marie! I was so psyched for the chance to visit and tour! More pix to come! :) Yeah, he's not so much for the cheerleading. :)

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