Sunday, August 26, 2012

Community Meeting: Containment!

We found our favorite GIS dude promptly. My mother-in-law and family friend Louise were in town housesitting and dog-watching just for the weekend, so this was their only visit with my husband.

Such a helpful boy.

Lost of people spoke, including the fire lead, the local sheriff, and a gob of agency folk. My husband made those fancy maps in the backdrop. That's what he does on fire. Some folks think he's out there with an ax and a hose. Not so much. The good news was that these fine folks were successful, and that fire was mostly contained when the meeting occurred. Yay!

They also had a couple of "hot shots" speak. Folks go crazy for the hot shots. Her shirt was once the same color as my husband's, but she had been up on the fire.

His shirt, also once yellow. Yeee.

It took me like a day of working on my mother-in-law to get her to go with me, so i was pleased to see such a serene look on her face once we got there and she realized it was more like church camp and less like the fire scene from Bambi.

And then, off to our tour!!


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