Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sistervisit 2012!

Guess what guess what guess what! Sister came to visit! And she brought a guest with her!

Welcome Mike to the Chicken Ranch!
First up...slightly belated birthday gifts! So few folks look good in yellow, best capitalize on that.
Sister loves perfume. A little Tom Ford, "Violet Blonde." It was a hit!
If you've ever participated in one of our family gift-opening sessions -- and many of you have -- you can appreciate Mike's tiresome expression. Naw, this was light duty, like five presents only!

I buy her birthday gifts and she looks at me like this. Hmph. I gave her Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. "Gave" as in I can not wear this scent, it's become her signature scent and when I wear it I smell like sister. So I will wear it no more, its all yours!!

It wasn't my birthday but I got gifts too -- tiny antique chicken salt and pepper shakers! I neglected to properly photograph them here, but will get them shot soon. Welcome sister and Mike!


Marie said...

Yes, but do you play "Spin the Bottle" with your Christmas gifts and spend several hours opening them, one at a time? ;)

amy said...

Hahahah! We don't have an actual bottle, but historically we have taken HOURS to open gifts! New participants are exhausted and horrified. ;)

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